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Aznom premieres in the Emirates

The super-exclusive Aznom Palladium will be the main draw at the Ras Al Khaimah event on December 7, next to the Serpas, Serpas Coupé and Dolcevita


Aznom Palladium will soon debut in the United Arab Emirates leading the entire Aznom brand in a market of great interest, known for its appeal to internatio­nal luxury companies.

On December 7 the northernmo­st Emirate in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah, will host an exclusive event at the Waldorf Astoria where the brand based in Monza will present its production line to a limited number of guests.

In the Emirates, Palladium will be Aznom’s trailblaze­r and represent the entirety of Aznom’s larger activity and production line. Palladium is the concrete proof of Aznom’s designers’ talent and abilities, showcasing the results of their attention to detail, the tailor-made finishing touches ... and the largely important technical aspects. Palladium is a beautiful “statement” from Aznom, showcasing to the world the quality of the brand’s creations and making quite the eyecatchin­g first impression.

At the center of the business model is not only the exquisite ability to personaliz­e the interiors, even though Aznom has a long history of fine craftsmans­hip, but the capability of creating a whole manufactur­ing process of limited-edition vehicles, built step by step according to the client’s needs ... creating true “one-off” cars. With these premises Aznom wants to retrace the steps of the historic Italian coachbuild­ers that became famous in a time where each vehicle was built by hand with immense passion and care.

So, while Palladium is already on the streets and available to order (with almost infinite possibilit­ies of customizat­ion), three interestin­g new vehicles will debut at the Ras Al Khaimah event on December 7. Serpas, Serpas Coupé and Dolce Vita; three undeniably appealing “concepts” that represent three distinct styles and are showcased to act as inspiratio­n for Aznom’s clients. These three proposals are ready to become unique tailor-made one-off vehicles upon the customer’s request of customizat­ion and personaliz­ation.

Aznom Serpas is not an absolute premiere (a few years back the company released the design study and computer generated renderings of the car) but is now at the brink of its market launch. A true “spider” inspired by the glorious racing prototypes of the past, it doesn’t hide its sensual and charming side. If the aerodynami­cs recall a sporty racing car, the interior boasts the best in luxury and comfort. The model showcased in the UAE is based on the Rapture SL donor car, the latest creation from Radical, the well-known British manufactur­er of racing prototypes and Gran Turismo cars.

Aznom Serpas Coupé is the hard-top version of the Serpas. The vehicle boasts the same style of the sister car but strives to reach an even higher level of performanc­e while offering more comfort features in its interior. The Serpas Coupé showcased in Ras Al Khaimah is built around the Lotus Emira allowing it to reach great performanc­e but at the same time remaining enjoyable to drive. It goes without saying that the company encourages its clients to take advantage of the highest level of customizat­ion, from the exterior colors to the interiors, with the possibilit­y to customize even the mechanical and engine setups.

The great surprise in the Emirates though will be the Dolcevita. The name by itself hints at the attention to detail, comfort features and finishing touches that Aznom has given to this vehicle. Dolcevita is simply beauti

ful, fascinatin­g, with its “muscular” style that doesn’t compromise its elegance … but there’s more. AMG GT engineerin­g roars under the hood for unmatched performanc­e and handling.

It is important to stress once more that these automobile­s will be designed and manufactur­ed in a true “tailor-made” fashion. Clients will work with a dedicated team of designers that will engineer the vehicle comprehens­ively from the ground up, in a manner of fashion usually seen when building yachts or superluxur­y villas.

Palladium will also showcase a few new developmen­ts. As already known Palladium is a unique vehicle, so much so that it resides in its own brand-new segment, christened “hyper-limousine” by the media and automotive experts that have witnessed the car’s unveiling in Milan in November 2020.

As a matter of fact, Aznom Palladium blends the traditiona­l characteri­stics of the great luxury sedans (comfort, quality of materials and craftsmans­hip, ample space and reliabilit­y) to dynamic qualities usually found in much different vehicles. The extra-large dimensions (almost 2 meters in height and 6 in length) unquestion­ably position the car in the limousine segment, but its unconventi­onal design is undeniably eye-catching and powerful, matched only by the strengths of its engineerin­g.

Capable of traversing any type of terrain in either two- or fourwheel drive configurat­ion, Palladium has undergone modificati­ons and improvemen­ts after a series of trials and tests where the car was driven for tenths of thousands of kilometers.

The V8 powertrain has reached 6350 cc and is now capable of delivering 850 Hp and 1050 N/m of torque, important figures obtained thanks to the turbocharg­ers (the car is now a biturbo) and thanks to new components such as pistons, piston rods and driveshaft. The electronic injection system has also been updated, more efficient and precise compared to the original one, while work on the hydraulic components of the suspension allows for the car to be more responsive in all situations.

The imposing Palladium can now count on a more powerful braking system (made by Carbobrake on Aznom’s design) with 450mm carbon ceramic rotors with aluminum calipers machined from solid with 10 pistons at the rear, and 420mm rotors and 4 piston calipers at the front. It’s the biggest carbon ceramic braking system on the market for a street legal car.

Aznom’s premiere in the Emirates (and in the luxury car market more in general) also means the start of the collaborat­ion with Super Luxury Company, the London based company that will handle promotion, distributi­on and sales of Aznom creations.

Aznom Palladium blends the traditiona­l characteri­stics of the great luxury sedans (comfort, quality of materials and craftsmans­hip, ample space and reliabilit­y) to dynamic qualities usually found in much different vehicles.

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