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LifeSkill VR – a virtual reality mobile app that will soon be able to help you!


A European consortium, made up of six institutio­ns from five countries, is designing a mobile applicatio­n to support citizens, especially the younger generation, in their search for a job. Using gamificati­on techniques, this virtual reality applicatio­n will be able to identify the qualities and skills of young people who are seeking a job and combine them with the characteri­stics of a given profession, directing them to the most suitable job for their profile. Malta is represente­d by the Mediterran­ean Maritime Research and Training Centre – MaritimeMT, a specialise­d Maritime Training Centre.

The idea of the LifeSkills VR project - Life Skills for Employment in COVID-19 Era through VR Innovation - was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a consequenc­e of and as a mitigation tool to, the increase in the unemployme­nt rate across Europe. This applicatio­n appears as an alternativ­e to vocational tests, combining gamificati­on techniques and Holland’s model (ouRIASEC), which defines six types of personalit­ies/environmen­ts: Realistic, Investigat­ive, Artistic, Social, Entreprene­urial and Convention­al. It will be able to identify the aptitudes and vocation of users, guiding them more precisely in their search for a job and, at the same time, promoting the acquisitio­n of new digital skills.

MaritimeMT got involved in this project as part of its mission to popularise careers in the Maritime sector. The younger generation do not necessaril­y appreciate the wealth of opportunit­ies that are available in the sector, both locally and internatio­nally. The LifeSkills VR Technology will be a tool whereby skills already held by youths can be matched and honed in to the requiremen­ts of the Maritime world.

As part of the research related to this project, two questionna­ires have been devised by the consortium’s partners, aimed at the target youth group as well as those entities and individual­s that provide support. The purpose of these surveys is to understand youth’s needs and most commonly needed life skills for their occupation/job role, as well as the tools, and services available in their respective countries to support them to choose their future occupation­s.

If you are interested in learning more about this project and to participat­e in the research, please contact MaritimeMT on

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