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Archbishop condemns the injustice of war during Remembranc­e Day mass


War is unjust because it is instigated by arrogant leaders who feel like they have the right to send youths to their death, said Archbishop Charles Scicluna during the homily.

Scicluna was celebratin­g Remembranc­e Day mass at St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta on Sunday morning.

Remembranc­e Day is celebrated on 11 November to commemorat­e the armistice agreement that ended the First World War and to honour the people who lost their lives during this and all wars.

He said that the leaders of the world are supposed to be the voice of justice, however, time and time again history has repeated itself and people have been sent to die to fuel the egos of these leaders.

He questioned who has the authority to take the hopes, dreams and potential away from these young people, just so they can be sent off to war.

Speaking about recent times, he said that unfortunat­ely, war is still very present and youths are still being sent to waste their lives away.

He mentioned a case where a group of youths were protesting against the war in Ukraine, however, they were forced to fight anyway. He found it ironic that the protestors who wanted peace were sent to kill.

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for eight months and started after Russia invaded the country earlier this year.

Scicluna said that the people who instigate war for neutrality and peace are not neutral but they are the ones who are complicit.

Later in the day, President George Vella, Prime Minister Robert Abela and a number of other officials laid memorial wreaths at the foot of the War Memorial in Floriana.

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