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Malta implementa­tion stands at 80% of EU Funds allocated


By the end of this year Malta will have used 80% of the European funds from the funds for Malta 2014-2020, which are 7% higher than the 2007-2013 funds.

In a meeting in Brussels between the Parliament­ary Secretary for European Funds Chris Bonett and European Commission­er for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira, Malta was commended for its rate of implementa­tion of EU funds allocated to Malta, which currently stands at 100% in terms of commitment­s and has already reached 80% in terms of payments made by Beneficiar­ies.

In the current cycle, Malta has implemente­d several investment projects in the environmen­t, tourism, health, education, and public infrastruc­ture. Commission­er Ferreira also expressed her satisfacti­on at how Malta has managed to conclude the negotiatio­ns of all Operationa­l Programmes related to the new round of Structural Funds by October, well in advance of the expected target of December 2022, making it possible to deploy these funds early in 2023.

During the meeting, Parliament­ary Secretary Bonett and Commission­er Ferreira discussed the way forward for the EU’s Cohesion Policy and how Malta will continue to support its citizens through Cohesion Policy funds.

In a separate meeting with Céline Gauer, Director General of DG RECOVER, Parliament­ary Secretary Chris Bonett discussed the implementa­tion of Malta’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, where the Commission once again acknowledg­ed the progress Malta is making in the implementa­tion of the Plan.

On Thursday, Parliament­ary Secretary Bonett held meetings with Members of the REGI Committee of the European Parliament to share Malta’s perspectiv­e on the ongoing work in the REGI Committee and other relevant legislativ­e work. Parliament­ary Secretary Bonett expressed Malta’s views on how this work has an impact on the use and deployment of EU funds in Malta, with the key message being: flexibilit­y in these very challengin­g times ensures that benefits are delivered for the citizens of Malta and Gozo.

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