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25 new participan­ts in Labour Party’s LEAD programme


25 new women participan­ts in the Labour Party’s LEAD programme were presented on Saturday during a press conference led by Minister for Environmen­t Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli, who has been responsibl­e for such programmes since their launch some years ago.

In its 6th edition, LEAD is a programme aimed at increasing the PL’s female candidates to 50% by the 2027 General Election.

Dalli said that the Labour Party believes wholly in the participat­ion of women in the counctry’s political life.

She said that although this is the sixth year for the programme, this is the seventh group to benefit from this training as “there was so much enthusiasm in the first year that we had to split them into two groups”.

Amongst the participan­ts there are homemakers, students and others with financial and economic background­s with ages varying between 16 and over 50.

Until now the programme has seen the participat­ion of more than 150 women who wanted to contribute their ideas in some way.

Labour Party’s CEO Randolph Debattista said that for participan­ts to be accepted in the programme, apart from a normal applicatio­n they had to also submit a reform and initiative idea.

He said that this programme is allowing the possibilit­y for many women to voice their opinion and showcase their ideas, something which they might not have had the opportunit­y to do in the past.

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