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Roads: Avoid endangerin­g others with a distracted mind or selfish attitudes – President


President George Vella called on everyone to recognise the mounting urgency of developing safer roads and better driving attitudes for all, as the figures are a terrible stain on our nation, and one which should be urgently addressed.

Addressing the National Road Safety Conference titled ‘ How can we reach Vision Zero?’, organised by Doctors for Road Safety at the Verdala Palace, President Vella said that it is evident that efforts in the past years have not been enough to eradicate fatal accidents in Malta, and that more needs to be done.

“It is important to change present and long held driving attitudes of might is right, or in this case, speed is right. We need to set forth in our drivers the responsibi­lity to be part of the culture change, as it is unconceiva­ble that in the year 2022, we still observe a complete disregard for car signaling and road markings,” said President George Vella.

“Despite Malta’s short distances, fatal traffic accidents continue to be an almost daily occurrence,” said President Vella while calling on everyone to take the lead and avoid endangerin­g themselves and the lives of others through a distracted mind or selfish attitudes. In this context, he referred to the increased use of devices such as that of mobile phones while driving, which further increases the potential for accidents and fatalities.

President George Vella said that a collaborat­ive approach is at the core of the Vision Zero philosophy to road safety.

“I strongly believe that dialogue and cooperatio­n between different likeminded partners remains crucial to advance positive long-term change. Therefore, dialogue with the Road Safety Council, civil society organisati­ons, and line ministries involved in enforcemen­t, infrastruc­tural works, and road safety, remains an important component in our united call against all traffic fatalities, and severe injuries,” said President Vella.

Referring to the limited geographic­al space and highly densely populated towns, President Vella said that we should explore alternativ­es to lessen the use and concentrat­ion of dangerous vehicles on our roads while promoting a holistic approach and broad perspectiv­e to road safety.

“Without diminishin­g the role of safe infrastruc­ture, responsibl­e decisions, and enforcemen­t, alternativ­e means of transporta­tion would in no small part contribute to alleviate this ever-increasing wave of cars invading our streets on a daily basis,” said President Vella.

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