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Moviment Graffitti organizes crowdfundi­ng to demolish ‘sham’ sheep farm


NGO Moviment Graffitti has organized a crowdfundi­ng campaign to cover the costs of legal actions for the revocation of the 2019 permit for the demolition of a sham sheep farm in Bidnija’s ODZ.

It was reported that a planning applicatio­n had been submitted for a residence, retail outlet, guest rooms and other commercial spaces to be added to the sheep farm. Moviment Graffitti had called for the immediate demolition of the sheep farm (PA/07946/18) and for the site to be returned to its natural state at the developer’s expense.

In a Facebook post, the NGO said that over the past three years, the public has been repulsed at the sight of the building in the middle of a valley, as under the pretext of a ‘sheep farm’. “Moreover, a new, outrageous applicatio­n has laid bare the real intentions behind the already- approvedap­plication, seeking to change the layout and use of the fake farm to officially become a retail outlet with guest rooms”, it said.

Moviment Graffitti said that it is clear that the building was not intended for its originally stated use, with the PA applicatio­n being “approved through lies.”

“We are determined to have this building demolished through any available legal means. Every donation, small or large, will help us fight the destructio­n of our environmen­t”, the NGO said.

The NGO had appealed for financial contributi­on from the public in order to cover legal costs.

The public can donate by filling in the online form: https://bidnija.movimentgr­

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