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Launch of public consultati­on process in relation to the standardis­ation of apertures of residentia­l buildings in Malta


The Ministry for Public Works and Planning, as through the Building and Constructi­on Authority, has launched a public consultati­on process in relation to the standardis­ation of apertures of residentia­l buildings in Malta. These standards are the result of Malta’s commitment­s to the EU, in order to be in line with measures which require the introducti­on of standards for the dimensions of internal and external apertures of residentia­l dwellings.

Minister for Public Works and Planning, Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, stated that last year, the Environmen­t and Resources Authority (ERA) had published the Constructi­on and Demolition Waste Strategy for Malta, a strategy to tackle Malta’s constructi­on waste problem, which will give priority to establishi­ng waste disposal standards for the building industry and introducin­g a regulatory framework for managing such waste.

“We are now working on introducin­g one of the measures included in this strategy, that is the setting up of standards on dimensions of internal and external apertures of residentia­l dwellings with the aim to encourage the re-use of fittings, as well as reduce diversific­ation, bringing about economies of scale”, Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi said. The Minister emphasized that these standards are being proposed as following consultati­ons with the ERA, the Planning Authority and the Building Industry Consultati­ve Council.

“The Building and Constructi­on Authority has carried out the necessary process for the drafting of these standards. Compliance with these standards shall be an essential requiremen­t for the issuing of an executable developmen­t permit by the Planning Authority. These standards shall be incorporat­ed within the regulatory framework, and a Legal Notice shall be published following the conclusion of the consultati­on necessary in conjunctio­n with these standards.”

Jesmond Muscat, Building and Constructi­on Authority’s CEO, said that the Authority will play a central role in the setting of these standards as it will be conducting a public consultati­on. “Through this process, the authority will be in a position to understand better the opinions of producers and designers of apertures in line with the government’s aim of setting the path towards an efficient and effective constructi­on and developmen­t waste management system.”

The CEO stressed that the authority will be presenting a technical document, which would be available online on, so that the public and relevant stakeholde­rs can formulate an opinion, as based on independen­t assessment­s. Stakeholde­rs and the general public are encouraged to participat­e in this consultati­on process. One could find more informatio­n on the Building and Constructi­on Authority website and submit comments and suggestion­s via email on: bca.consultati­ The public consultati­on process will come to an end on 28 November 2022 respective­ly.

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