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Husband arrested after police storm apartment in Qrendi


The lead suspect in the murder of a woman in Kordin was arrested by the police after a 17-hour operation.

Roderick Cassar, the woman’s husband, was arrested in his home.

He was taken to hospital for a check-up and was released a few hours later. The police are questionin­g him.

The police had surrounded the man’s house just one hour after the woman, Bernice Cassar, was shot dead on Tuesday morning.

The police negotiated with the man for his surrender for several hours, but the man did not turn himself in. At 2.30am on Wednesday, officers from the Special Interventi­on Unit entered the man’s apartment, situated on the second floor of a block of flats in Kartaġiniz­i Street, Qrendi.

Flashbang shots were fired in the operation, which had led to the arrest of the man within seconds, the police said. Officers had also found the weapon which was allegedly used in the killing.

The man suffered no injuries, but was assisted on site by a medical team, the police said.

The aggressor fired three shots, and the victim (Bernice Cassar) was hit by two – in her face and chest. She died on the spot.

The police later located the alleged aggressor in his home at Qrendi, and surrounded the area for long hours before they stormed the building to arrest him.

During the course of the 17-hour standoff, Cassar briefly spoke to the police, and had even posted on social media after the murder.

In one post, he apologised and wrote that he could not stand the thought of life without his two children.

Bernice Cassar had filed several domestic violence reports against her husband, leading to the police to press criminal charges against him last May.

The couple had been married for nine years.

A court had ordered Roderick Cassar to not approach his estranged wife, but he had repeatedly violated that protection order.

Proceeding­s against the man were due to start in November 2023.

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