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‘Stop killing women, stop beating women, stop abusing women’ – Metsola


“Stop killing women, stop beating women, stop abusing women.”

These words were spoken by EU Parliament President, Roberta Metsola, in the European Parliament on Wednesday, as following the murder of Bernice Cassar a day earlier.

Cassar was shot dead on Tuesday morning as she was driving to work, with the main suspect being her husband, who was arrested on Wednesday early in the morning after a 17-hour standoff.

He is being held and questioned by the police.

EU Parliament President, Roberta Metsola, said that this is just one example of the abuse and murder of women in Europe. “Simply because they are women. For months, Bernice asked for help, asked for protection. But no help nor protection ever came. She was left on her own.”

“No more excuses. Protect women. We need action now. We need proper protection frameworks, we need more conviction­s of those who prey on females and we need to end the remaining institutio­nal blindness to the endemic violence against women.”

“Bernice should have arrived to work yesterday. She should have been able to go home and play with her children. She should not have been forced to live in fear. She should have been safe. She should have been free from torment. She should not have been killed.”

“None of the horrific examples of violence against women we are forced to endure should take place in our Europe.

“We are not talking about victims. These are our fallen warriors.

“Women deserve to live free from fear. Everywhere. Stop killing women”, Metsola said.

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