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Ronaldo gets 2‐game ban for any new club after fan clash


Former Manchester United for‐ ward Cristiano Ronaldo was banned for two matches and fined 50,000 pounds ($60,000) for hitting a phone out of a fan's hand at Everton after a Premier League game last season.

The ban will be transferre­d when Ronaldo joins a new club in any country. It does not apply to the World Cup.

The 37‐year‐old Portugal star, who is now a free agent follow‐ ing his release from Man United on Tuesday, had the altercatio­n after a 1‐0 defeat at Goodison Park on April 9, for which Ronaldo received a police cau‐ tion from Merseyside Police.

England's Football Associatio­n charged him with improper con‐ duct and an independen­t panel has handed down a suspension and fine.

"An independen­t regulatory commission found that his con‐ duct was both improper and vio‐ lent during a subsequent hearing, and imposed these sanc‐ tions," the FA said in a statement on Wednesday.

Ronaldo had accepted the FA charge but requested a personal hearing — held online on Nov. 8 — in a bid to try to avoid a sus‐ pension. Ronaldo said he had "le‐ gitimate concern... for his own physical safety and well‐being."

But the independen­t panel said it was an "act born of frustratio­n and annoyance rather than fear or concern for his wellbeing."

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