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Government in ‘advanced process’ of buying properties where band clubs are under threat of eviction


The government is in an ‘advanced process’ of buying properties where band clubs are under threat of eviction

The Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts, and Local Government has said that it is currently in the advanced process of making the first group of acquisitio­ns of private properties presently leased or used by social band clubs that are under threat of eviction.

No details were given as to the amount of these properties, which ones they are, and how much the government will be spending to purchase them.

The government recently paid €450,000 to buy out the remaining emphyteusi­s on the building which is used as the Stella Maris band club in Sliema. The agreement came on the day that the band club was meant to be evicted.

The ministry said that the properties shall be managed by the Arts Council Malta, which will, in turn, be setting up the Band Clubs Acquisitio­n and Management Unit to ensure that the interests of the social band clubs, as well as those of the government, are safeguarde­d in the long term.

The unit will be under the direction of former MCESD head, James Pearsall.

“The unit’s terms of reference shall ensure that the conditions provided in the agreed acquisitio­n contracts and in the backto-back contracts with social band clubs are observed, whilst supporting the relevant band clubs in their quest to safeguard and promote culture, music, and social inclusion”, the ministry said.

This unit will also create a platform for communicat­ion between the band clubs in question and different stakeholde­rs so as to support mutual collaborat­ion.

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