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Jamie Bonnici and Patrick Pace win Internatio­nal Open with Lazio TFC in Rome


Last weekend, veteran player Patrick Pace (captain of Lazio TFC), and his team mate Jamie Bonnici, both reached their re‐ spective individual category Veterans and Open Quarter Final, narrowly losing both matches. In the Q/Finals, Pace lost with penalties against Italy Veteran Champion Patrizio Laz‐ zaretti whilst Bonnici was elim‐ inated by Italian player Marco Preziuso with a 2‐1 score.

On Sunday, in the teams com‐ petition, things went better, with Pace and especially Bon‐ nici crucial in helping Lazio win the Masters Open tournament.

Lazio won their group with 3 wins reaching the Q/final stage and another 3 wins resulted in Lazio TFC being crowned Champions of the Int Open of Rome.

The very close final was played against Napoli Fighters with a 2‐2 result but with a goal difference of 8‐7.

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