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Malta Business Bureau and European partners launch SME knowledge hub to empower entreprene­urs


At a recent conference, the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) officially launched an online SME Hub to help strengthen the financial and digital skills of microentre­preneurs and enable them to widen their networks and internatio­nalise. The event was organised as part of DIFME – an Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances Project led by MBB with the participat­ion of the University of Malta’s Edward de Bono Institute and other European partners.

In her opening address, MBB President Alison Mizzi said, “We have seen the digital transforma­tion of the workplace outpacing educationa­l institutio­ns as well as the labour market itself, leading to skills shortages in several sectors. For this reason, the EU must continue facilitati­ng cooperatio­n among Member States’ authoritie­s and educationa­l institutio­ns and the private sector to address key challenges by microenter­prises.”

The SME Hub serves as an open repository of solutions for entreprene­urs. Through collaborat­ions between the DIFME project partners, practical informatio­n was collated and made accessible to entreprene­urs operating across different industries, including informatio­n on doing business in Malta, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherland­s, relating to government agencies, banking sphere and assistance programmes, among others.

Commenting on this, MBB Project Manager Marika Huber stated, “Whether you are kicking off your enterprise or scaling up, the SME Hub will provide you with the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions regarding your financial and internatio­nalisation well-being now and in the future.”

The hybrid conference was also addressed by Roberta Metsola, First Vice-President of the European Parliament and Josianne Cutajar, Member of the European Parliament. Dr Metsola explained the European Parliament’s work on boosting entreprene­urship and facilitati­ng investment and trade by pushing the developmen­t of better SME financing tools and generating greater business opportunit­ies. On her part, Dr Cutajar put emphasis on the challenges faced by microenter­prises in island states like Malta, whilst also highlighti­ng the critical role of funding and access to finance in helping microentre­preneurs get equipped with the skills they need to cope with the twin transition and the structural challenges they face.

At the end of the conference, the DIFME project partners signed a Memorandum of Cooperatio­n, thus confirming their inten

MBB CEO, Joe Tanti signing a Memorandum of Cooperatio­n

tion to develop further activities and maximise on the outputs achieved throughout the last three years of project implementa­tion.

For more informatio­n about DIFME, kindly visit or contact MBB


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