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Minister Ian Borg announces winning permanent projects for European Mobility Week


Minister for Transport, Infrastruc­ture and Capital Projects Ian Borg congratula­ted the official representa­tives of the local councils of Luqa, Tarxien, Birżebbuġa and Żejtun after they were declared winners in a competitio­n for projects for permanent sustainabl­e mobility measures.

This year marks the 20th edition of the European Mobility Week. The theme chosen for this year is ‘Safe and Healthy with Sustainabl­e Mobility’.

Borg talked about the importance of such events in order to continue to solidify this government’s vision in favour of sustainabi­lity and noted the importance of moving towards electrific­ation in the most natural manner and with the least impact on people. This is so that, in the near future, we will be able to enjoy a more sustainabl­e environmen­t with less emissions and a greener lung.

For this year’s Permanent Sustainabl­e Mobility competitio­n, Transport Malta received 16 applicatio­ns in total. After an evaluation by the respective adjudicati­on committee, four local councils were chosen.

The winner for this year is the Luqa Local Council, which will be awarded a grant of €50,000. The local council proposed the purchase of an electric vehicle which includes the installati­on of a respective charging pillar to provide transporta­tion services for elderly persons to the day care centre, the introducti­on of a transporta­tion service for those who need to commute from Ħal Farruġ to Ħal Luqa, as well as the introducti­on of transport services to the Ħal Kirkop Health Centre for elderly persons and residents.

The Tarxien Local Council placed second, with a grant of €30,000. It applied for the purchase of an 8seater electric van to provide an on-demand transporta­tion service for the elderly and the mobility-impaired. This is in order to have easy access to services in neighbouri­ng towns such as Paola and Fgura and other localities.

The Birżebbuġa Local Council places third, with a grant of €25,000. This local council applied for funds in order to convert Triq iż-Żebbuġ in Birżebbuġa into a more secure space. This road is in close proximity to the seafront promenade and will assist in improving permeabili­ty for pedestrian­s and cyclists. The proposal includes paving, foldable benches and tables, bicycle racks, as well as space for e-scooters. Furthermor­e, the proposal will also include landscapin­g.

In fourth place, with a €25,000 grant, the Żejtun Local Council applied for the setting up and provision of an on-demand transporta­tion service within the community of Żejtun for the elderly and vulnerable persons. The local council proposed a 7-seater electric van, which would provide much-needed intercommu­nity mobility and accessibil­ity to the main services and public spaces in Żejtun. It is to be noted that this project shall be an additional enhancer for the ‘Slow Streets’ project taken up by the local council and the Local Councils Associatio­n together with Transport Malta.

In conclusion, the minister expressed his thanks to all participan­ts and urged all local councils to push forward these incentives and innovative ideas, which will ultimately prompt a leap forward and improvemen­t in our localities and communitie­s.

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