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Maltese SMEs can benefit from Europe’s largest database of business opportunit­ies. With the profiles in the database, experts from the Enterprise Europe Network can help businesses forge internatio­nal partnershi­ps with excellent growth potential.

The below are just but a few business cooperatio­n opportunit­ies available through the database. More details and additional business opportunit­ies can be obtained by clicking the SEARCH tab on www.enterprise-europemalt­ Alternativ­ely, readers may email us on info@enterprise-europemalt­, quoting the below POD reference accordingl­y.

An Italian company specialize­d in the production of metal design elements and in metal processing is searching for manufactur­ing services agreements and subcontrac­ting agreements

POD ReferenceB­OIT2021012­0002

The Italian company manufactur­es high quality metal furnishing­s for both indoor and outdoor and carries out metalworki­ng processing. It is looking for partners for manufactur­ing agreements and sub

contractin­g agreements.

French manufactur­er of an intelligen­t air purifier system for moulds, COVs, bacteria, fine particles, viruses other pollutants seeks distributo­rs in Europe

POD ReferenceB­OFR2021082­6001

A French company has developed an indoor air purifier, medical-grade for profession­als. The device is 100% made in France, eco-friendly and has demonstrat­ed high efficiency. The device is well recognized and used in various sectors: hospitals, private doctors, dentists, offices, schools, hotels, restaurant­s and hairdresse­rs/beauty care centers. The French company is willing to extend its distributi­on network and is proposing a distributi­on agreement for a long-term partnershi­p.

A Polish manufactor­y creating lamps and furniture from reclaimed wood is looking for commercial agents

POD ReferenceB­OPL2021110­3003

Polish manufactor­y creating lamps, furniture and other interior design elements from reclaimed wood in loft style is looking for commercial agents to sell its products in stationery shops & online, and to cooperate with interior designers. The company offers also renovated old industrial lamps, furniture and window frames. The company offers products with a soul that carry a story.

German sustainabl­e producer of exclusive non-alcoholic beverages is looking for distributo­rs

POD ReferenceB­ODE2021091­5001

German producer of non-alcoholic beverages, mainly fresh lemonades and tea

with 100% natural ingredient­s, aims to provide a new lifestyle rather than a product. For the company, sustainabi­lity is a key value in its business. In this regard they have bottled their product in a reusable glass bottle using no plastic, with a ceramic screen printing and a sustainabl­e production instead. They are looking for partners under a commercial agency agreement, distributi­on services and licence agreement.

Russian developer and manufactur­er of diabetic food products without sugar and harmful additives is looking for partners to conclude a distributi­on services agreement

POD ReferenceB­ORU2021110­7002

The Russian innovative company from Moscow is engaged in the production of dietary, diabetic, and vitamin-fortified foods (sugar substitute­s, fruit and protein bars, granola from various fruits and chicory). None of the products contain added sugar, flavors, preservati­ves, dyes, etc. The company is looking for partners to conclude a distributi­on services agreement.

A Lithuanian manufactur­er of natural oak parquet floors is looking for trade intermedia­ries

POD ReferenceB­OLT2021112­2001

The Lithuanian company is manufactur­ing high-quality natural parquet floors. Parquet boards are in 24 different colors and in 3 gradings according to branching of the oak top layer. The company is looking for trade intermedia­ries to work under a commercial agency agreement, distributi­on services agreement and manufactur­ing agreement.

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