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New €350,000 Mater Dei Brain Lab inaugurate­d


Gabriel Schembri Minister for Health Chris Fearne yesterday morning launched a new Brain Lab at Mater Dei Hospital. The new lab which cost €350,000 was funded by the government.

The lab is equipped with a machine that helps locate and identify brain tumours with utmost precision. Minister Fearne explained that since the scan helps spot the tumour in great detail, the surgeon can operate on the patient using a less invasive interventi­on, thus reducing the recuperati­on period.

The machine consists of a camera and a monitor which provides a three dimensiona­l image of the brain. Surgeon Ludwig Zrinzo explained that this machine came to Mater Dei six months ago. He said that some 30 patients have already used this machine to help with the removal of a brain tumour. Patients who previously needed to undergo an operation with the aid of such a machine had to go to London.

Mr Zrinzo explained that tumours can affect anyone of any age, from babies to the elderly.

Speaking at the press conference, Mr Fearne said that this is the latest in the long list of investment­s at Mater Dei. He said the aim is to have Mater Dei compete with other hospitals worldwide. Mr Fearne said that Malta will soon host one of the world's oldest medical schools, the Barts Medical School.

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