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Maltese arrested in Italy for detaining and robbing Monacan


Police from the Italian Riviera city of Bordighera arrested a Maltese national on suspicion of having illegally detained and robbed a citizen of Monaco.

Italian media reported on Friday that a 29-year-old Maltese – identified only by his initials G.M., as per Italian practice – had been arrested on Tuesday night by Italian police after a 30year-old Monacan ran out in the street and hailed a passing ambulance asking for help after having been robbed in a garage.

According to the alleged victim, at around 2pm he had been invited by G.M., an acquaintan­ce of his, to his home in Bordighera, apparently to show him a car he could possibly buy from him.

The Monacan kept the appointmen­t with his Maltese acquaintan­ce, according to reports, but went he entered the garage instead of a car he found two other men who threatened him, beat up him by kicking and punching him and took €900 from him, saying it was money that the victim had taken from them.

The victim, who denied having taken any money from the Maltese and his companions, was held in the garage for at least an hour at the mercy of his captors and was able to escape when they were momentaril­y distracted. He ran into the road and saw a passing ambulance that he flagged down for help.

The victim will be in recovery for at least 10 days, having sustained a number of bruises to the face and chest.

The Maltese was apprehende­d by the Italian police and his accomplice­s are reportedly still being sought. He was arraigned and granted bail. Italian investigat­ors are now examining the relationsh­ip between the victim and his assailants, as well as the motive behind the attack.

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