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Political responsibi­lity: Swedish minister quits after being caught drunk driving


Sweden's minister for higher education says she's resigning immediatel­y from the centre-left minority coalition when she was caught drunk driving after having two glasses of wine.

Aida Hadzialic told a news conference yesterday that she was stopped Thursday evening by police in the southern Swedish city of Malmo with a blood-alcohol level of 0.02, which is Sweden’s legal limit. She faces a sentence of up to six months in prison.

Twenty-nine-year-old Hadzialic spoke to Prime Minister Stefan Lofven on Friday about "my life's biggest mistake" and decided to step down.

Born in Bosnia-Herzegovin­a, Hadzialic became Sweden's first Muslim minister when she joined Lofven's government in 2014. She came to Sweden when she was five.

Nordic nations are strict about drunk driving and have much lower allowable alcohol limits than Malta, which is far higher at 0.08.

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