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Dangerous directiona­l sign


A few years ago a signpost with Safi 3 Km. was placed at the end of a road that connects Safi to Hal Far road where the runway ends, limits of tal-Gawhar. This is only 3ft high and therefore at eye level with a person driving a car.

When a driver comes to the end of this road to see who is coming from the left, and as his view is obstructed by this sign, he has to drive into Hal Far road, thus blocking the road to those coming from Hal Far, towards Luqa.

This signpost has caused several traffic accidents which always involved three cars. Finally, this sign was knocked down by one of the cars involved in the last collision. As long as this sign remained buried in the grass no other accidents have occurred.

I hope this letter will be read by the competent authoritie­s and the signpost placed much higher than it is, before someone loses his life in this T junction. I also hope the police who frequent this road will remove it immediatel­y, as it is putting the life of drivers who use this road in danger.

Thanking you in anticipati­on.

Frans Buhagiar Safi

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