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The Malta Architect Awards 2016


The talk around many of the architectu­ral corridors in these Islands these last few days has been about the prestigiou­s awards to give recognitio­n to various elements in the local architectu­ral fields. Launched earlier this month by one of Malta’s leading business publishers and event organisers, the awards are supported by the Planning Authority as the primary sponsor, as well as by the exclusive Jaguar brand.

Jason Attard, Managing Director of iMNG Ltd, which is the company behind Executive Events, the Awards' organisers, said that the immediate response to the launch was extremely positive. He said that in his organisati­ons’ endeavours both as publishers and as organisers of events “we have come to realise that Malta would be well served by the establishi­ng of constant structures which recognise and encourage individual­s and organisati­ons for outstandin­g achievemen­ts they are responsibl­e for in their fields of expertise. The Malta Architect Awards were conceived and structured so that the profession­s of Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers will be recognised and acknowledg­ed via a system of Awards which will constantly take place every year; with the direct aim of acknowledg­ing and promulgati­ng local expertise.”

Based upon the understand­ing that, more so than being about designing great structures, architectu­re is about the translatio­n of great designs into practical structures, “our Awards seek to reward Malta's very best architectu­ral designs. Factors that will be taken into considerat­ion by the members of the interna- tional jury include technologi­cal advancemen­ts, beauty of aesthetics, practicali­ty of design, fluidity, and the attention given by the design to local cultural roots, time and surroundin­gs,” Mr Attard explained. He added that among other criteria, the judges will also be basing their decisions on the basis of evidence of all-round design excellence and fitness for purpose over a body of work. The size or scale of the projects considered will not be a factor in their deliberati­ons.

The Malta Architect Awards aim to recognise Malta's very best architectu­ral designs, so as to inspire and influence the country's main stakeholde­rs to the industry by creating architectu­ral structures that enhance rather than damage its ambiance.

The first edition of the Malta Architect Awards for 2016 will take place during the Constructi­on, Property and Interiors Expo on Saturday, the 24 September 2016.

Further details can be found on their website www.architecta­

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