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Free Tallinja WiFi at Malta Internatio­nal Airport


Getting informatio­n about the bus service at the airport has just been made easier as Malta Public Transport is offering a Free Tallinja WiFi service near the ticket booth and at the bus stops at Malta Internatio­nal Airport.

Through the Free Tallinja WiFi service, anyone with a mobile device or tablet can download the tallinja app for free and use it near the Malta Public Transport ticket booth in the Arrivals Hall inside the airport or on the bus stops just outside the Departures Hall. Once the tallinja app is downloaded, any device can connect to the Free Tallinja WiFi service to use the tallinja app without incurring any mobile data charges.

“The tallinja bus app has been downloaded by more than 50,000 people and we have been receiving very good feedback from our regular customers,” explained Daniel Grech, Commercial Director at Malta Public Transport. “The Free Tallinja WiFi service at the airport will allow tourists to download the tallinja bus app as soon as they arrive in Malta, making it easier to get informatio­n about the bus service.”

Since the bus stops are also being provided with the Free Tallinja WiFi service, passengers can also plan their journey through the Journey Planner found on the app. This is especially beneficial for tourists who are not yet familiar with the routes and want to find the best way to arrive at their hotels for only €2.

Tourists planning to spend a week in Malta can also benefit from cheaper travel by purchasing an Explore card, which offers unlimited travel for seven days for only €21 for adults and €15 for children under 10. Another flexible prepaid option offering value for money is the 12 Single Day Journeys card which can be purchased for €15 and is valid for a year.

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