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The Maltese Medicines Handbook 2016

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The fourth edition of the Maltese Medicines Handbook (MMH) has just been issued. It is the result of a Masters of Pharmacy dissertati­on and was published in collaborat­ion with the Department of Pharmacy within the University of Malta.

Healthcare profession­als in Malta use the British National Formulary (BNF) as the main reference for medicinal products while practising their profession. However, many medication­s, which are authorised to be sold in Malta by the Medicines Authority, are not found in the BNF.

The MMH makes up for this lack of informatio­n and gives data such as the active ingredient, trade name, dosage and indication­s. In many instances the price of the medication is also included. This encourages effective prescribin­g practice and patient compliance.

The MMH is an addendum to the BNF, which together make a perfect combinatio­n in order to facilitate an effective therapy with maximal options.

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