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MCAST Technical College launches new courses


The MCAST Technical College launched three new programmes: the MCAST Advanced Diploma in Cultural Heritage, the MCAST Diploma in Performing Arts and the MCAST Advanced Diploma in Food Technology.

The MCAST Technical College provides programmes of study at MQF/EQF Level 4 in close collaborat­ion with industry. It prepares the students with the right knowledge, skills and competenci­es in order to take up technical positions within industry or progress to the MCAST University College. The Level 4 programmes also incorporat­e a wide range of apprentice­ships in various fields enabling students to gain practical work experience while studying.

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Cultural Heritage

The MCAST Advanced Diploma in Cultural Heritage offered at the Institute for Creative Arts, is designed to address skills shortages in the heritage sector and to form skilled persons who support the conservati­on and preservati­on of cultural heritage. The first year of the programme will provide the necessary applied theoretica­l and ethical background for further training in technical aspects of cultural heritage and heritage skills during the second year. Possible options in the second year of the programme will be heritage skills in stone, metals and wood with the latter option including gilding. Bookbindin­g and leaf-casting are other alternativ­es. This training will be carried out in workshops, laboratori­es and sites.

There will also be the opportunit­y for practical on-the-job and off-the-job training as part of an apprentice­ship or work placement. Depending on the chosen option, the graduate of the programme will have the knowledge, skills and competence­s to ethically collaborat­e with the curator, librarian, archivist, collection­s and sites manager, documentat­ion specialist, conservati­on scientist and/or conservato­r restorer, and would normally work under the supervisio­n of one of these. The graduate could find employment in museums, libraries, archives, churches, palaces, stately homes, and on sites as a key person supporting their conservati­on and preservati­on.

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts

This two-year programme also offered by the Institute for Creative Arts, provides students with an opportunit­y to form an understand­ing of various performing arts subjects at an advanced level. Students will become familiar with fundamenta­l principles and skills related to contempora­ry performing arts practice with a view to progressin­g to a higherleve­l course in one of the branches of the performing arts.

The first year of this course focuses on elemental principles in the performing arts. Students will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and competence­s related to music, theatre, dance, management, production, design and technical aspects of the performing arts in preparatio­n for more independen­t and focused study at undergradu­ate level. Following successful completion of their first year, learners will develop the aspects of Performanc­e (Acting, Dance, Music) and Performing Arts Management further. This will allow them to gear up for progressio­n to specific undergradu­ate programmes, leading to the formation of performing arts profession­als.

MCAST Advanced Diploma in Food Technology

The food and beverage industry is a progressiv­e sector which requires a number of highly skilled technical people to cope with constantly changing customers’ demands and new innovative production technologi­es. In such companies, food technologi­sts monitor day-to-day manufactur­ing activities; ensure that safety and quality standards are met; improve existing products and design new and innovative foods and drinks.

The Advanced Diploma in Food Technology is a multidisci­plinary programme offered across four institutes and includes topics on food analysis, product manufactur­ing, food safety, cost accounting and product design. The programme provides learners with the opportunit­y to gain knowledge, insights tools and skills on the industry through work-based elements and practical based modules. This programme prepares learners for employment within SMEs as well as medium to large organisati­ons that produce a range of food and drink products.

MCAST is currently receiving applicatio­ns between 8.30am and 12noon at the MCAST Students’ House in Paola. Further informatio­n and personal career advice on these new courses as well as all other courses can be obtained from the College’s career advisers on careerguid­ or by phoning on 2398 7135/310. The career advisors will be available (without appointmen­t) until 5 August, from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 1.30pm at the Student’s House, MCAST Main Campus, Paola to answer any student queries and offer personal career guidance.

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