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A night to remember – Malta’s Best Entreprene­ur of the Year Awards 2016


Imagine if some of the Malta’s greatest business minds came together to reshape the future. Well, they just did that last month at the 5th annual Malta’s Best Entreprene­ur Of The Year™ in SmartCity’s Laguna Walk. This is Malta’s only celebratio­n of entreprene­urial achievemen­t that brings together more than 500 of the country’s top executives, advisers and investors who are leaders in innovation and masters of business transforma­tion.

The theme chosen by the organisers MBR Publicatio­n Limited (MBR) for this year’s event focused on “Developing Talent, Encouragin­g Success”. This was brought to life by influentia­l panellists, inspiring speakers and red-hot topics. They ranged from the future of social media to global growth in the most unexpected places. Among the highlights preceding the event, was a very well attended press conference with the Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna as its keynote speaker. The event welcomed some of the biggest names in business, including Professor Edward de Bono, founder of “The Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Developmen­t of Thinking”. Professor de Bono is one of the very few people in history who can be said to have had a major impact on the way we think. He is famed for his Lateral Thinking teachings, philosophi­cal thought, and in many ways he could be said to be the best known thinker internatio­nally. His very presence and participat­ion embodies the whole essence of this major event. The organisers held panels on new technologi­es, the use of innovation to help those in need and local youth employment. They even created a wall to showcase corporate pledges and those who committed to give more young people a chance at that all-important first job. MBR Publicatio­ns Limited headed the grand finale and gala dinner, which is the largest locally organized award gala event to be held in Malta?

“Today is an important entreprene­urial milestone for Maltese entreprene­urs. We are gathered here at SmartCity this morning to launch the most prestigiou­s business awards event held in Malta. This event not only honours the essence of entreprene­urship, but also honours all the business profession­als who have deservedly been selected as the nominees of the awards’ respective categories, as well as to show appreciati­on to all the members of the media, whose work has contribute­d to the enhancemen­t of entreprene­urs in the Maltese Islands,” Martin Vella, MBR’s Managing Director said.

Minister Scicluna thanked MBR Publicatio­ns Limited for its perseveran­ce and initiative to promote Malta’s foremost business impresario­s – the best entreprene­urs in business, including the commercial sector, hospitalit­y, real estate, banking, maritime, aviation and local industry; every major category is represente­d at this remarkable event.

Prof. Scicluna stated, “The economic developmen­t of our country depends on the entreprene­urship of the Maltese private sector, where the government intervenes only to weigh the sectors which are not attractive to this type of invest- ment.”

Prof. Scicluna explained the government’s role in the economy was to provide an umbrella wherein the private sector can operate and also provide services to the Maltese consumer, as well as facilitate the life and challenges of the entreprene­urs, and not compete with them. He stressed that the Ministry of Finance, besides being responsibl­e for the country’s finances and fiscal policy, is also responsibl­e for savings, investment­s and export. However, the Minister’s responsibi­lity, and also that of the government, is to offer the right environmen­t to the private sector so that they can both work together, and not compete with each other.

David J Dingli, Managing Consultant Resource Productivi­ty Consulting Services, Judge Coordinato­r for the voting, thanked all the nominees and their companies, who through their participat­ion were indirectly assisting growth in all sectors of the economy, which under this government have seen increased growth, the biggest performer were the financial and insurance sectors, where an increase of almost 14 per cent was recorded. He said, “Malta’s Best Entreprene­ur Award of the Year stands as an inspiratio­n which reminds us that there are increased opportunit­ies in Malta for new investors in the profession­al, scientific and technical sector, technologi­cal, including other private sectors, where increases are being recorded namely in property, agricultur­e and fishing, wholesale and retail trade and informatio­n and communicat­ion.”

The aim of this high-status and largest local gala award event is to foster the participat­ion of and recognitio­n of Malta’s most outstandin­g and highly exceptiona­l business entreprene­urs. “I am fully behind this wonderful initiative as we want to be prime movers to promote good governance ethics, sound values and best management practice and policies which distinguis­hes excellent business persons from the ordinary, and reward them for their positive contributi­ons to our country’s economic growth, their enterprise to improve our business community and also their resourcefu­lness to act as role models for other entreprene­urs. Thus we are taking the lead to encourage and support tomorrow’s leaders,” explained Mr Dingli, also Maastricht University Professor.

Minister Scicluna also said that his ministeria­l portfolio and duties propelled the Ministry to uphold best entreprene­urial ethics and values in order to create and foster awareness on the importance of rewarding entreprene­urial culture and achievemen­ts at the highest level for their collateral benefits not just at the workplace, but also on a societal level, and thus recognise and celebrate the right entreprene­urial culture which stimulates innovation, drive and commitment of a variety of corporate business clusters, including small and medium enterprise (SME), ranging from iGaming to banking, from finance to industry, all key economic decision makers – the men and women that feed, clothe and grow our country.

Judith Galea, Head of Birkirkara Regional Office, MAPFRE MIDDLESEA plc, also addressed the audience, saying, “It is essential that we understand the importance of appreciati­ng and rewarding inspiratio­nal business leaders. Entreprene­urs need this kind of recognitio­n much more often than one tends to think. To have such a competent and well-versed adjudicati­ng team look over your shoulder, probe your business plan, look at your balance sheet, question your sustainabi­lity and future strategies and to then give you the nod of approval is a source of great satisfacti­on.”

Malta’s Best Entreprene­ur of the Year Awards are widely recognised as the finest accolade that honours bold entreprene­urs who achieve success by combining ability with opportunit­y. In particular, Malta’s Best Entreprene­ur Awards of the Year 2016 acknowledg­es the benefits that entreprene­urs and their entreprene­urial spirit bring to the Maltese economy by creating employment opportunit­ies and enhancing the competitiv­eness of Maltese enterprise­s.

Mr Vella, as organiser, congratula­ted all the nominees of the various categories of these awards and extended his thanks to everyone involved in the organizati­on.

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