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Chamber of Advocates Hosts Seminar on Whistleblo­wing

Event to host book launch by US financial whistle-blower Bradley Birkenfeld


The Chamber of Advocates will be hosting a seminar on whistleblo­wing on the 24th of March at the Casino Maltese, in Valletta.

The Chamber has invited Bradley C. Birkenfeld the American banker considered possibly the most significan­t financial whistle-blower in recent history whose disclosure­s to the US government in 2007 led to a massive fraud investigat­ion against the Swiss bank UBS and other banks that had enabled tax evasion by US taxpayers.

“Bradley Birkenfeld’s bombshell revelation­s cracked the impenetrab­le fortress of Swiss banks, proving that offshore financial institutio­ns systematic­ally aided clients’ tax evasion, corruption and terrorist activities. His case triggered monumental changes in banking laws, the federal tax code and internatio­nal tax treaties. This is the context which we shall be discussing during this much anticipate­d event,” states Dr George Hyzler, President of the Cham- ber of Advocates.

Mr Birkenfeld will recall his experience on how despite a thriving banking career, he could no longer keep silent about bankenable­d tax fraud, how when UBS rejected his concerns, he turned to the U.S. authoritie­s, was jailed for 30 months but soon vindicated with a recordbrea­king IRS $104 million reward.

His work had enabled the U.S. Treasury to recover $15 billion in back taxes, fines and penalties. The case set off a domino effect of internatio­nal investigat­ions into offshore banking’s secret crimes, including the Panama Papers and much more. Now retired, Birkenfeld is a philanthro­pist and supports whistleblo­wing efforts worldwide.

Mr Birkenfeld will also launch his recently published book Lucifer’s Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy followed by book-signing and a reception.

The seminar will be introduced by Dr George Hyzler, President of the Chamber of Advocates, followed by a presentati­on by Dr David Fabri, Head of the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Malta who has regularly lectured and written on whistleblo­wing. The event is open to the public but spaces are limited. Send an email to

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