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On the eve of D-Day, a para­trooper squad is sent to de­stroy a Ger­man ra­dio tower in an old church; how­ever, their plane is shot down be­fore they can reach their tar­get, leav­ing only five ap­par­ent sur­vivors, Cor­po­ral Ford and sol­diers Boyce, Tib­bet, Chase and Daw­son. Daw­son is killed by a land­mine but the team con­tin­ues on­ward, run­ning into a French woman named Chloe who agrees to take them into the vil­lage where the ra­dio tower is lo­cated. The sol­diers learn that Chloe lives with her 8-year-old brother Paul and her aunt, who has been dis­fig­ured by Nazi ex­per­i­ments tak­ing place in the church. Af­ter Tib­bet and Chase de­part to check the sched­uled ren­dezvous site, the re­main­ing sol­diers are forced to hide in the at­tic when a Nazi pa­trol per­forms a rou­tine in­spec­tion. But when SS Haupt­sturm­führer Wafner at­tempts to rape Chloe, Boyce at­tacks him, forc­ing the sol­diers to take him pris­oner.

At­tempt­ing to reach the ren­dezvous point, Boyce wit­nesses the Nazis burn­ing dis­fig­ured vil­lage res­i­dents. He is nearly caught by a dog and is forced to take refuge in a truck car­ry­ing the bod­ies of some of the other para­troop­ers. Once in­side the base, Boyce learns that there are var­i­ous ex­per­i­ments tak­ing place in the lab, based around a mys­te­ri­ous liq­uid com­pound the Nazis dis­cov­ered, by dis­till­ing an an­cient tar through hu­man bod­ies, from un­der the church. Boyce takes a sam­ple of the serum and res­cues Rosen­feld, an­other mem­ber of the para­trooper squad who was cap­tured by the Nazis, and es­capes the cas­tle.

Back at the at­tic, Wafner re­fuses to ex­plain what the serum is when ques­tioned and is sub­se­quently beaten by Ford. As the squad pre­pare to as­sault the church, Wafner at­tempts to escape, shoot­ing and killing Chase in the process, driv­ing Boyce to use the serum on Chase af­ter his death. The serum re­stores Chase to life, but he im­medi- ately be­gins to mu­tate, show­ing in­hu­man strength, a re­sis­tance to gun­fire, and turns hos­tile, forc­ing Boyce to pul­ver­ize Chase’s head to stop him. In the midst of the chaos, Wafner es­capes while tak­ing Paul as a hostage, although part of his face is blown off by Ford in the sub­se­quent shootout.

With time run­ning out un­til the dead­line when the ra­dio tower must be de­stroyed, Boyce con­vinces Ford that de­stroy­ing the lab­o­ra­tory has to be their pri­or­ity. While Rosen­feld and Tib­bet cre­ate a dis­trac­tion at the main en­trance, Ford, Boyce and Chloe en­ter the base through the sew­ers Boyce pre­vi­ously used to escape, with Boyce and Ford plant­ing the ex­plo­sives while Chloe res­cues Paul. Ford is at­tacked by a mu­tated Wafner, who has in­jected him­self with a com­bi­na­tion of untested serums, which heals his in­juries while driv­ing him in­creas­ingly in­sane. When Boyce man­ages to dis­tract Wafner, the in­jured Ford in­jects him­self with an­other sam­ple of the serum, al­low­ing him to force Wafner down the pit where the com­pound was dis­cov­ered, but he then forces Boyce to leave him be­hind and fin­ish set­ting off the dy­na­mite. Boyce suc­ceeds in blow­ing up the ra­dio tower and the lab­o­ra­tory, es­cap­ing just in time for the church and ra­dio tower to col­lapse be­hind him.

Af­ter the de­struc­tion of the ra­dio tower, Boyce re­ports to their su­pe­ri­ors that Ford chose to plant the bombs in­side the church rather than out­side to en­sure its de­struc­tion, choos­ing to avoid men­tion­ing the serum or the lab as Ford be­lieved that nei­ther side should pos­sess the serum. The mil­i­tary ac­cepts this story and the sol­diers are in­formed that they will be re­as­signed to an­other com­pany as the war con­tin­ues.

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