Ralph Breaks the In­ter­net

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Six years af­ter sav­ing the game Su­gar Rush from Turbo's re­venge, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanel­lope von Sch­weetz are still best friends who hang out ev­ery night af­ter work in Lit­wak's Fam­ily Fun Cen­ter and Ar­cade. Vanel­lope's frus­tra­tion over the pre­dictabil­ity of her game prompts Ralph to cre­ate a se­cret bonus track for her. She en­joys the track but over­rides the player con­trols to race on it, caus­ing the steer­ing wheel to get stuck. A player ac­ci­den­tally pulls the wheel off the con­sole while try­ing to free it, and Mr. Lit­wak ac­ci­den­tally breaks it while try­ing to reat­tach it. Find­ing the re­place­ment part to be pro­hib­i­tively ex­pen­sive, he has no choice but to un­plug Su­gar Rush, leav­ing Vanel­lope and its cit­i­zens home­less.

Af­ter a con­ver­sa­tion with Fix-It Felix Jr. in Tap­per's, Ralph de­cides to ven­ture with Vanel­lope onto the In­ter­net via the ar­cade's newly in­stalled Wi-Fi router, in or­der to ob­tain a new wheel on eBay. They find one be­ing auc­tioned off and place a win­ning bid, but must pay for it within 24 hours. To raise the money, they turn to a pop-up ad­ver­tiser named Spam­ley, who sends them to steal a valu­able car from the on­line game Slaugh­ter Race.

Ralph and Vanel­lope steal the car, but its owner Shank forces them to re­turn it to her af­ter a high-speed chase through­out Slaugh­ter Race. Shank com­pli­ments Vanel­lope's driving skills, caus­ing Ralph to worry that their friend­ship may be in jeop­ardy, and points the pair to­ward the video shar­ing site BuzzzTube. Af­ter meet­ing with its chief al­go­rithm Yesss, Ralph de­cides to raise money by cre­at­ing a se­ries of videos that play off pop­u­lar trends, in­tend­ing to buy the wheel and re­turn Vanel­lope to Su­gar Rush.

Ralph's videos be­come a vi­ral sen­sa­tion, and Yesss sends her staff into the In­ter­net to spam users with pop-up ads. Vanel­lope volunteers for this job and is as­signed to a Dis­ney fan­site, where she meets the Dis­ney Princesses and gains from them the in­spi­ra­tion to re­turn to Slaugh­ter Race. Mean­while, Ralph earns enough money to cover the eBay bid, but is crushed upon read­ing view­ers' dis­parag­ing com­ments about his videos. He in­ad­ver­tently over­hears a con­ver­sa­tion be­tween Vanel­lope and Shank, in which Vanel­lope ex­presses her de­sire to leave the ar­cade.

Des­per­ate to keep Vanel­lope as a friend, Ralph turns again to Spam­ley in search of a way to make Slaugh­ter Race so bor­ing that Vanel­lope will not want to stay. Spam­ley leads him to Dou­ble Dan, a virus de­signer hid­ing in the dark web. Dou­ble Dan gives Ralph a virus that can repli­cate and broad­cast any in­se­cu­rity it finds. When Ralph un­leashes it in Slaugh­ter Race, it homes in on Vanel­lope's glitch and spreads it, caus­ing the game to crash and nearly killing Ralph and Vanel­lope in a server re­boot.

Ralph ad­mits his mis­deed to Vanel­lope, who an­grily yells at him to leave her alone. The virus es­capes from Slaugh­ter Race, scans Ralph's in­se­cu­ri­ties, and spreads them through­out the In­ter­net to cre­ate thou­sands of clones of him. As the clones be­gin de­stroy­ing the In­ter­net and form a gi­ant Ralph in search of Vanel­lope, she, Ralph, and Yesss try to lead them into an anti-virus soft­ware trap. The tac­tic fails and Vanel­lope is cap­tured; Ralph tries un­suc­cess­fully to fight them off, then calls them out on their self­ish pos­ses­sive­ness and ad­mits that Vanel­lope's de­sire to en­ter Slaugh­ter Race does not mean that their friend­ship must end.

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