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April Fools’: from Cisk shoes to Love Island seniors edition


A comedian boldly announces he will contest the European elections. Cisk says it will pivot its beloved beer franchise into the realm of running shoes. And Love Island plans to expand its show to include a senior edition, promising romance and drama of a different vintage.

They are just three in a series of jokes and tricks that flooded social media and news websites yesterday morning as the world marked April Fools’ day.

Some of the jokes were complex enough to fool readers, others less so.

Actor and comedian James Ryder took inspiratio­n from the upcoming June European elections, posting a photo of himself and saying he is throwing his hat into the ring.

The slogans chosen by the Late Night Show comedian, whose actual surname is Muscat, said: “We’ve had worse” and “Ryding our way to MEP 2024”.

Meanwhile, colleagues at Lovin Malta announced they will be launching their new page Lovin Japan, with head of content, David Grech Urpani posting all things Japan-related during his recent trip to the land of the rising sun.

And for those who did not have enough figolli and other Easter treats, the popular ice cream shop Sottozero launched a lampuki-flavoured ice cream.

“This quirky concoction is bound to have you hooked at first bite (pun intended),” Sottozero said in a social media post.

Another popular franchise, McDonald’s, also launched a tasty treat for the braveheart­ed.

However, this one was not a joke.

The ‘McFlurry Bacon’, a popular ice-cream treat topped with crispy bacon bits, was available for the day yesterday.

And Malta’s roller derby team, Honey Island Rollers, took inspiratio­n from their namesake and announced their homemade ‘Hive Hit Honey’.

Fitness Cub 24/7 also attempted to prank readers by announcing their latest recruit ‘Gymbot 247’.

“This high-tech marvel is programmed to spot any timewastin­g shenanigan­s from a mile away. And, yes, this includes taking too many

bathroom selfies or hogging the squat rack for Instagram photo shoots.”

Cisk, the much-loved Farsons beer, also joined in on the fun, launching its latest merchandis­e ‒ trainers in the iconic yellow colour.

Love Island Malta launched an “overs’ edition”, giving older contestant­s the chance to find love on the popular dating show.

“We’re looking for sexy, mature single men and women to embark on their journey to find love and the chance of the ultimate cash prize,” a post on Love Island Malta website announced.

Love Island Malta, a local iteration of the UK-led reality franchise, follows the ‘islanders’ as they compete for the prize money by coupling up and surviving the public vote eliminatio­ns.

Local taxi company E-cabs launched their new ‘Super Car Rides’, giving customers the option to be stuck in traffic looking stylish in a Lamborghin­i Urus.

Meanwhile, popular bakery Maypole announced its new product: a candle that will fill your space with the delicious fragrance of freshly baked bread with no oven and cooking required!

 ?? ?? Joining in on the fun, Farsons announced its latest merchandis­e colour. trainers in Cisk’s iconic yellow
Joining in on the fun, Farsons announced its latest merchandis­e colour. trainers in Cisk’s iconic yellow

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