Times of Malta




Divide a bit out, just for the ]\][ZYXWVT

Peseta we changed for a SRQ]P[OXWNLKT

At such a meal, pals I\HHQPRGFE[YFDQEDXWCA@T

That Enigmatic English S\]I\H[OXWNT

Where, on a vessel, quietly Y\F>H[F\=OH

Is even more compact if it’s =F;QZQXWCT

Will eating it make you D>H:G

Is such diving a bit OQH:G


It holds up speakers, etc., QZFYD[FD=RRXWCT

That backward business P[6\O[FPR=HYA\66XW5T Vegetable product that could have made Cromwell >Z7[RRF7=ZYF3HDLFSO=S:F=F Z>Y2XWCT

You need room to swing \Z[XWKT


Show no friendline­ss in 8QHYOQP>YQZEFP>ZHXWCT It allows a member a certain amount of 0[/QPQRQYGXWC­T

It’s a pity she’s out for the ]\OZQZEXWNT

Will he never quite make a R[=8QZEF]=Z

Plenty of painful I>ZQHD][ZYXW.T ,\R\>O[8F7=Y[O


If you want to be invited, =IIRGFY\FYD[F+8QY\OXWNT They’re only partly seen as =F8=ZE[OFY\FHDQIIQZEX­WNT Make the cocoa go round in *>EIH[YF=P\>YFYD[FD\Y[RXWCT Blocks have of loch having >Z6\OY>Z=Y[RGFH>Z:XWVT )R=S[F\6FIOQ8[XWVT 9D[FS=HDF4FD=8F6\OFS\([OXWKT He may consider Macbeth >Z][ZYQ\Z=PR[XWNT 9=R:FH\6YRGFY\F'QOF'Q]\ZXW&T Would he be the new R[=8[O

Fault in the housing IO\EO=]][XWKT

Anybody on earth should P[FP[Z[(\R[ZYXWVT

Ah! Was taken in and Z[=ORGFH>Z:2XWNT

You may not remember having spent the night in \Z[XWKT +/I[SY[8FY\FP[F\>YHQ8[F the King’s Head with a Z\PR[]=ZXWKT

Bottle broken by the RAF =S[XWVT

Amount arranged for some =HGR>]FH[[:[OH

She twice left little Beatrice \>YXWNT

She mentions a letter to $ZZQ[LFZ\YF#QRRGXWNT

Could be a horse a bet’s =8=IY[8F6\OXWNT

A touch of life,


Thus a house is in one part \6F"\Z8\ZXWCT

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