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Cutlery is an essential part of any table. If we talk about their de­signs and si­zes, the­re are as many mo­dels as the­re are ma­nu­fac­tu­rers. Alt­hough most of them fo­llow a ba­sic and qui­te clas­sic li­ne, we can find le­git "ra­ri­ties" or ge­nui­ne wonders out the­re in the mar­ket.

WIn the vi­ci­nity of the Bay of Santiago de Cu­ba lies the only cutlery fac­tory in the country, be­lon­ging to the Em­pre­sa Con­for­ma­do­ra 30 de No­viem­bre. The history of the pla­ce is ma­de by men with mo­re than 50 years of ex­pe­rien­ce in the art of cutlery, bea­rers of a tra­di­tion that is the pri­de of the peo­ple of Santiago de Cu­ba.

The fac­tory pro­du­ces 25,000 pie­ces in a month and has the technical equipment ne­ces­sary to em­bark on the making of cutlery in li­ne with the cu­rrent mar­ket de­mands: sim­ple, sleek and fun­ctio­nal.

The eco­no­mi­cal li­ne of cutlery set Li­na­je MO­DEL 9400 and 6700 is the cu­rrent pro­po­sal of the peo­ple of Santiago, one that seeks to po­si­tion themselves in the res­tau­rant mar­ket, mainly in the Pal­ma­res Ex­tra-ho­tel Chain, the Is­la Azul Ho­tel Group and the emer­ging pri­va­te sec­tor.

The sets are ma­de up of eight stain­less steel pie­ces that in­clu­de: table spoon, table fork, table kni­fe, cof­fee spoon, mo­cha spoon, fish fork, fish kni­fe and lunch fork. Li­na­je's cus­to­mers re­cog­ni­ze its du­ra­bi­lity and sim­pli­city, with the foot­print of the ma­nu­fac­tu­re to crea­te uni­que pie­ces.

The work of the plant is al­so gua­ran­teed by its par­ti­ci­pa­tion, sin­ce the 1990's, in a joint pro­ject with the INKUG S.L. Spa­nish Bu­si­ness Group. This en­tity in­clu­des dif­fe­rent ma­nu­fac­tu­rers, among them IDURGO-cutlery, with whom the fac­tory has been wor­king sin­ce 2002.

No won­der that INKUG S.L, which provides the Cuban gastronomy and tou­rism sec­tors with a wi­de ran­ge of pro­ducts, is wi­lling to ad­vi­se on the fu­tu­re pro­ject to be ca­rried out in Santiago de Cu­ba and thus ma­ke a lar­ge part of them, re­du­cing the le­vel of im­ports.

The pre­sen­ce of the Santiago de Cu­ba's co­ve­red Li­na­je in the in­ter­na­tio­nal are­na forms part of the new ap­proach to their de­ve­lop­ment. And if it's true that lo­ve co­mes through in the kit­chen, then you ha­ve to be­lie­ve what they say in the fac­tory: Li­na­je cutlery is the first kiss before tas­ting a de­li­cious dish.

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