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Mongolia’s top judokas competed in the Reputation and Power judo tournament, named after State Honored Athlete D.Tserenkhan­d, which was held on March 16 at ASA Circus.

Eight male and six female judokas challenged themselves in the tournament, which had a prize pool of 50 million MNT.

A team of Olympic and world medalists and State Honored Athletes defeated a team of Internatio­nal Sports Master titled athletes 5:2 at the tournament and received 40 million MNT.

Internatio­nal Sports Master titled athletes’ team was awarded 10 million MNT.

During the tournament, Olympic champion N.Tuvshinbay­ar and Olympic silver medalist D.Sumiya sold their judogis (judo uniforms) through an auction.

Bidding for N.Tuvshinbay­ar’s judogi started at one million MNT and was sold for 8,000,000 MNT.

Olympic silver medalist judoka D.Sumiya’s judogi was sold for 3,600,000 MNT.

State Honored Athlete, Labor Hero N.Tuvshinbay­ar said, “I organized this tournament with my friends Labor Hero Kh.Tsagaanbaa­tar and world jiu-jitsu champion O.Bold-Erdene. The purpose of the tournament is to promote judo and pay honor to senior judoka D.Tserenkhan­d. D.Tserenkhan­d’s husband is a Mongolian traditiona­l wrestler, Lion of Province Altanshaga­i. He became disabled because of an accident. That’s why I will donate a portion of the prize money I won from the tournament and the proceeds from the auction to Tserenkhan­d’s family and the Mongolian National Associatio­n of Wheelchair Users.”



The Reputation and Power tournament started with the match between world champion G.Boldbaatar and Internatio­nal Sports Master D.Tumurkhule­g in the men’s 66 kg. D.Tumurkhule­g led the match with waza-ari in the first round, but ended up losing to G.Boldbaatar in the second round.

State champion of 2016 and 2017, Internatio­nal Sports Master B.Gankhaich and State Honored Athlete Ts.Munkhzaya competed in the women’s 63 kg event. Ts.Munkhzaya, who passed the State Judo Championsh­ip 2016, announced her retirement from judo after the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. She said she decided to compete this time to honor her fans’ requests. She lost to B.Gankhaich.

In the men’s 60 kg, World Championsh­ip silver medalist D.Amartuvshi­n faced against current state champion J.Amarbold, and won 2:1.

Olympic bronze medalist and world champion Kh.Tsagaanbaa­tar, who retired from judo after the Astana 2015 World Championsh­ip, made a surprise comeback on the tatami. He competed against Internatio­nal Sports Master O.Uuganbaata­r in the men’s 81 kg event, but lost after he grew tired. O.Uuganbaata­r beat Kh.Tsagaanbaa­tar with a wazaari.

Winner of the Chinggis Khaan Grand Prix 2016 L.Enkhriilen, 17, faced a tough opponent in the women’s 57 kg match. Her opponent was Olympic silver medalist D.Sumiya, who claimed an easy victory over the teen athlete.

In the men’s +100 kg category, Olympic champion N.Tuvshinbay­ar fought Internatio­nal Sports Master U.Duurenbaya­r. Labor Hero N.Tuvshinbay­ar won with a waza-ari.

The most anticipate­d match was the faceoff between world champion M.Urantsetse­g and Mongolian-born judoka of Kazakhstan G.Otgontsets­eg in the women’s 48 kg event. M.Urantsetse­g and G.Otgontsets­eg faced each other on the tatami six times since G.Otgontsets­eg became a citizen of Kazakhstan. M.Urantsetse­g claimed victory with a waza-ari.



Senior judoka D.Tserenkhan­d has been an athlete since 1989, and she devoted 26 years of her life to judo. She announced her retirement from judo to the crowd at the Reputation and Power tournament.

After her announceme­nt, D.Tserenkhan­d said, “I didn’t compete on the tatami since claiming victory at the State Judo Championsh­ip 2015. From that time, I started thinking about retirement. I couldn’t hide my tears after announcing my retirement. I told myself not to cry, but I cried. I am very thankful to my brothers who organized this tournament for me. I also want to express my gratitude to judokas who competed in the tournament. I competed in the Beijing 2008 Olympics and came in fifth place. I am very happy that D.Sumiya updated my achievemen­t and secured a silver medal from the Olympics. She is the first female Mongolian judoka to win a medal from the Olympics. My achievemen­t at the Beijing 2008 Olympics was the highest before D.Sumiya won a medal. I almost won a bronze medal that time, but I lost. I wanted female judokas to win an Olympic medal for a long time. D.Sumiya fulfilled my wish.”

 ??  ?? State Honored Athletes’ team (in white) and Internatio­nal Sports Masters’ team (in blue)
State Honored Athletes’ team (in white) and Internatio­nal Sports Masters’ team (in blue)
 ??  ?? D.Tserenkhan­d pays honor to the tatami
D.Tserenkhan­d pays honor to the tatami

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