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Details of Erdenet Mining shares available via Public Call Center 11-11


The public can now receive informatio­n about Mongolia's 51 percent share of Erdenet Mining Corporatio­n and give their opinion about the issue via call center 11-11, now renamed Public Call Center 11-11.

The call center reopened on March 20 to receive and transmit a large volume of requests by telephone and analyze the current situation in Mongolia for decision-makers. The center created divisions for public communicat­ion, legal and social services, and other consultati­on services.

As their first target, the center aims to integrate public opinion on Erdenet Mining Corporatio­n issues. The public can connect with the center via the hotline 7712-1111 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The center’s webpage,, is accepting complaints, requests, and proposals. It will also provide informatio­n about all events happening in Mongolia.

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