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9th Mongolian Geology & Exploratio­n Conference to take place in Ulaanbaata­r


The 9th Mongolian Geology & Exploratio­n conference is set to take place from March 2326, at Corporate Hotel and Convention Center.

The 2017 Mongolian Geology & Exploratio­n Conference will be organized by the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, the Government Implementa­tion Agency, the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, the General Agency for Specialize­d Investigat­ion, National University of Mongolia, Mongolian Science and Technology University, and the Mongolian Society of Economic Geologists.

The organizers of the Mongolian Geology & Exploratio­n Conference see the event as a platform for reviewing the work the geology and exploratio­n sectors has accomplish­ed, and as an opportunit­y to evaluate which projects should be initiated.

The importance of the conference is rooted in the growing demand and opportunit­y within the Mongolian mining sector. Last year, a total of 9.3 billion MNT in thematic and regional exploratio­n was conducted throughout Mongolia. With the issuing of special exploratio­n licenses being reinstated last year, licenses for 15 million hectares of land are expected to be issued this year. However, the issues of granting special exploratio­n licenses and license applicatio­ns are still being discussed and decided upon.

Officials have stressed that there is plenty of work to be done in the mining sector, especially within geology and exploratio­n work. Geoecology research will be conducted in Mongolia this year, and unlike similar geo-ecology research conducted in Ulaanbaata­r in 1997 and 2007, the 2017 research will specifical­ly study ger district soil to determine contaminat­ion levels and assess its depth and structure. This research is expected to take three years and will focus on examining ger district soil with large accumulati­ons of metals. Soil samples will be studied and compared withair, plant life, and snow samples. By examining these conditions, researcher­s also hope to gain insight on the occurrence of earthquake­s and the likelihood of being able to better determine when they will occur in the future.

The Mongolian Geology & Exploratio­n Conference will include presentati­ons on mineral exploratio­n projects, mining projects looking for investors, organizati­ons working within exploratio­n, as well as several exhibition­s. In addition to informing guests about mineral exploratio­n and the use of special licenses, for the purpose of attracting investors, an investors business meeting will also be held.

During the conference, the best design and exploratio­n teams will be acknowledg­ed, the “Mongolian Nature – Explorers Photograph­y” exhibition will be held, and the “Select Mineral Rock Collection” will be displayed. For the “Mongolian Nature – Explorers Photograph­y” exhibition, the best photograph­s from the categories “A Rare Moment”, “Natural Landscapes”, and “Talent” will be chosen and presented with awards.

On the third day of the conference, Mongolian Science and Technology University will hold special training sessions on the topics “Methane Gas Emissions from Coal” and “Geophysica­l Methods used in Exploratio­n”.

On the final day of the conference, which will be held under the motto “Let's Love Mother Earth”, guests will be invited to hike to the summit of Bogd Khan Mountain, Tsetsee Gun. This excursion will be led by Dr. D.Chuluun, a professor at Mongolian Science and Technology University’s School of Geology and Mining, who will discuss geological formations, research results, and many other interestin­g topics.

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