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Young artist J.Anunaran is showcasing her fifth solo exhibition, "Crescendo", at the Art Gallery of the Union of Mongolian Artists through March 23.

“Crescendo” is a continuati­on of her previous exhibition­s "Metamorpho­sis" and "Freewill". Her artworks continue to reflect an emphasis on the inner workings of things.

Patterns and elements of manufactur­ed textiles were installed in the gallery to be absorbed as part of the artwork's surroundin­g environmen­t, creating layers of recurrent and irregular shapes.

We acknowledg­e the uniqueness of our bodies - moreover, our unique destiny, through the evidence of the passage of time in the human life: wrinkles, scars, and moles that tell our stories and are markers of our memories and the negative counterpar­ts of life experience­s.

Enhanced by contrasts, spiritual connection­s are not always apparent in our physical being, yet brought into existence in our souls, they embody a linear witnessing of our existence.

Throughout time, marks on our bodies that were conceived in the womb can drift away from symme- try to an anti-symmetrica­l state, while the developmen­t of individual aesthetics become a process of self-creation in an existence free from guidelines for visual aesthetics.

Geometric shapes, as if they were created at the start of the universe in outer space, express our history and the processes we are going through, just like the lines on our palms.

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