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British director to feature Khamba Lama D.Natsagdorj in a documentar­y series


A filmmaking team, led by British director and producer Benjamin Johns, is in Mongolia to film a segment about Khamba Lama D.Natsagdorj, a state merited doctor and head of the Mamba Datsan Temple, for a documentar­y series currently in production.

Johns is creating a documentar­y series called “World Enlightene­rs”. His crew started filming in Mongolia in February, and a second part of the documentar­y will be filmed in London.

Khamba Lama D.Natsagdorj said, “Filmmakers create a lot of films about enlightene­rs around the world. I am very happy that a British filmmaking team chose me from among millions of people. People will see the culture, education, health, traditiona­l medical science, and religion of Mongolia through the documentar­y.”

Johns said he hopes his series will educate people about the life of the Khamba Lama, and shed light on Mongolian traditions, and culture. He intends for the Mongolian part of his series to show the uniqueness of the Khamba Lama's role in Mongolian Buddhism.

Johns' previous films include “Wisdom Keepers: Uncle Max Dulumunmun of the Yuin Nation”, "Traveller", and the BAFTA nominated short “Candy Bar Kid”.

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