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MPs report on efforts to promote innovation


A group of six MPs who are working to expedite the developmen­t of innovation in Mongolia formed a lobbying group last December, and members of the group held a briefing on Thursday about the group’s findings on the implementa­tion of the Law on Innovation.

Head of the lobby MP N.Uchral underlined that increasing the nation's potential and improving its competitiv­eness by promoting innovation through research and developmen­t are very important to Mongolia's developmen­t, but the group found that the state's promotion of innovation in Mongolia is very poor.

N.Uchral said that there are a number of regulation­s that should be followed under the Law on Innovation, but they are not working well so far, and collaborat­ion between the state authoritie­s that are supposed to be implementi­ng the innovation law is very murky.

He added that the state's ministries, agen- cies, and other organizati­ons have not been issued united and comprehens­ive orders that could help the implementa­tion of the law.

MP N.Uchral stated that there should be more attention paid to dramatical­ly improving innovation policies, resolving funding issues for innovative projects, enhancing private sector participat­ion, and increasing the capacity of research organizati­ons.

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