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Bus catches fire near Sansar Tunnel


A bus carrying seven passengers caught fire near Sansar Tunnel in Bayanzurkh District on March 21, at 9:30 a.m.

By the time the Chingeltei District Fire Brigade No.010 arrived at the scene, all passengers had managed to safely evacuate the bus. None of them were injured. After the fire was extinguish­ed, safety inspectors searched for the cause of the fire and suspected that an electrical fault in the engine might have sparked the fire.

“Passengers had been safely evacuated from the bus when the fire brigade arrived after getting the report. The fire seemed to have broken out in the engine. The fire was fully extinguish­ed the fire within 20 minutes,” says N.Nyamkhorlo­o, Fire Brigade Chief at the Ulaanbaata­r Emergency Department, during a press conference held later in the afternoon.

“There are technician­s who inspect buses at bus parks every morning. They check headlights, signals and the overall appearance of buses. It’s impossible to check and spot all hidden electrical problems. The final report of the accident will be out in two weeks when the extent of damage and cause of the fire have been identified. We will provide more details then,” Head of the Ulaanbaata­r Transporta­tion Authority D.Otgonbaata­r told the press.

 ??  ?? Fire brigade extinguish­es fire in the bus engin ein 20 minutes
Fire brigade extinguish­es fire in the bus engin ein 20 minutes

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