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Green City Program launched


Ulaanbaata­r will focus on green developmen­t through Green Cities Program.

Deputy Mayor of Ulaanbaata­r J.Batbayasga­lan and Managing Director for Central Asia and Russia at the European Bank for Reconstruc­tion and Developmen­t (EBRD) Natalia Khanjenkov­a signed a memorandum on the implementa­tion of Green Cities Program on March 22.

After striking the deal, Deputy Mayor J.Batbayasga­lan said, “Ulaanbaata­r is facing an increasing number of challenges as it expands. In particular, pollution of the most important natural resource – air, water and soil - has become the most urgent problems. The Green Cities Program will be carried out to resolve a wide range of issues, including treatment and recycling of wastewater, green infrastruc­ture developmen­t, and waste management.”

He added that the sides plan to develop and launch several projects for green developmen­t of Ulaanbaata­r.

“Members of the UN Convention are taking measures to tackle challenges posed by climate change, especially to reduce greenhouse emission and raising funds for projects. The memorandum will contribute greatly in carrying out projects and programs for green developmen­t, as well as fundraisin­g,” J.Batbayasga­lan stated.

EBRD Managing Director Khanjenkov­a responded that the EBRD is happy to cooperate with Ulaanbaata­r in addressing important issues related to the environmen­t, green developmen­t, and security. At present, projects for solid waste and wastewater management are being finalized and the EBRD will provide necessary financing for it, according to Managing Director Khanjenkov­a. She informed that it’s possible to attract investment and funding from the Global All Weather Fund and expressed her confidence in achieving positive results from the Green Cities Program.

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