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Finance settled for Khovd Regional Center for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment


Prime Minister J.Erdenebat decided to assist the expansion work and equipment procuremen­t for the Regional Center for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Center in Khovd Province after visiting the center with Members of Parliament on March 22.

The government will provide the necessary funding through Asian Developmen­t Bank. MPs and doctors of the center believe that the expansion will considerab­ly improve accessibil­ity and quality of healthcare services to residents living in the western parts of Mongolia.

Reportedly, the center plans to renew all equipment with financial assistance from the Belgium government over the course of two years after completing expansion work. The center is pending the Mongolian government to issue a 2.5 billion USD funding for their expansion work.

The Prime Minister said it is possible to resolve financial issues with an amendment to the state budget.

The Regional Center for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Center was establishe­d in 1987 for 50,000 people living in Khovd Province. The center decided to expand their operations as the local population increased to more than 80,000 people last year. Moreover, doctors say that the center receives an additional 6,700 patients from nearby provinces, including Bayan-Ulgii, Zavkhan, Uvs and Govi-Altai.

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