The UB Post

Where can you buy The UB POST?


You can buy The UB POST at our office on the 4th floor of the Mongol News Building, next to the Mongolia-Taiwan Center on Juulchin Street, Urt Tsagaan, or you can find it at the following locations:

1. Maternity Hospital No. 1 bus stop newsstand

2. Ulaanbaata­r Hotel west entrance bus stop newsstand

3. Petrovis Building (opposite the Sports Palace) bus stop newsstand

4. Blue Sky Tower bus stop newsstand

5. Sansar Market at the Sansar Tunnel

6. Sansar's Bayantseel bus stop newsstand

7. Bilig Department Store

8. Passage/Mercury trade and grocery center

9. Khunsnii Neg Supermarke­t, northwest of the Ulaanbaata­r Bank building

10. Zoos Goyol Jewelry Store newsstand

11. Mongolia-Taiwan Center newsstand

12. Moscow Trade Center newsstand

13. Urgoo Cinema 1 newsstand

14. Bumugur Trade Center

15. Altjin Trade Center

16. Minii Delguur chain store in Sapporo

17. Tsambagara­v bus stop newsstand

18. Grand Plaza bus stop newsstand

19. Kyokushu Tower east bus stop newsstand

20. Mungun Zaviya Jewelry bus stop newsstand

21. Russian Embassy bus stop newsstand

22. Mongol Bank southwest bus stop newsstand

23. State Department Store west entrance newsstand

24. UB Mart Trade Center

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