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Arvis FC dominates 3rd Women’s National Football League


Arvis FC took the cup in the third Women’s National Football League tournament of Mongolia, which was held last week.

The top nine women’s football teams in Mongolia participat­ed in the competitio­n: Titem Khujirt, Mongoliin Temuulel, Khad, Erchim, Arvis, Tuuliin Tom Tulnuud, Khoromkhon, Soyombiin Barsuud and Deren.

Arvis FC, coached by Kh.Khurelbaat­ar, won the cup after winning seven games in eight matches. Arvis FC collected 22 points and drew once during the tournament.

The silver medal went to Deren FC, and Mongoliin Temuulel settled for the bronze medal.

Players of Arvis FC D.Khongorzul, and L.Zolbayar, B.Munkh-Uchral and E.Saranzaya of Mongoliin Temuulel FC were awarded the Candidate Master title of the Mongolian Football Federation during the closing ceremony.

Player of Deren team O.Tsasan-Okhin was selected as best midfielder of the tournament. Khad’s B.Namuun was named best forward, the best defender title went to A.Altantuya of the Arvis team, and Mongoliin Temuulel FC’s T.Munkhculuu­n was named best goalkeeper.

The Women’s National Football League aims to strengthen the participat­ion of female athletes in football, to prepare good players for the women’s national team and increase their participat­ion in internatio­nal tournament­s.

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