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Khamba Lama Z.Sanjdorj of Ikh Khuree Monastery reported that he was assaulted by fellow monk B.Burnee after an argument over the Danshig Naadam – Tsam Khuree program.

Z.Sanjdorj held a press conference on August 7 to explain the events that unfolded.

“The Danshig Naadam is an important cultural heritage and ancient tradition of Buddhism. Monks at the Ikh Khuree Monastery have been actively involved in the Danshig Naadam for the past three years. Eager to be actively involved in the events this year, I went to get the schedule of the Naadam and in return was hit by monk B.Burnee,” Z.Sanjdorj detailed.

“To be more specific, the mentioned events took place last Friday. The Danshig Naadam was to take place a day later and the schedule for the Naadam still hadn’t arrived at our monastery. I went personally to retrieve a copy of the schedule from the Gandantegc­hinlen Monastery. First I met with Da Lama Byambajav. He told us that our monastery does not have the opportunit­y to be involved in the Danshig Naadam and sent me to B.Burnee,” the Khamba Lama stated.

It was then that the Khamba Lama says he ran into a police officer he knew. When the police officer asked for a copy of the Danshig Naadam schedule, the monks gave it to the officer. According to Z.Sanjdorj, he was reading the schedule along with the police officer inside when B.Burnee came in and hit the Khamba Lama “in the eye without saying a word.”

Z.Sanjdorj has filed a report with the police and says CCTV footage will prove his side of the story. “The monks in Gandantegc­hinlen acted in an immoral way when it is them that dictate morality,” Z.Sanjdorj claimed.

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 ??  ?? Khamba Lama Z.Sanjdorj during his press conference
Khamba Lama Z.Sanjdorj during his press conference

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