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Parliament rejects Constituti­onal Court’s ruling on special election


After the resignatio­n of lawmaker D.Gantulga, who represente­d over 20,000 residents in Khentii Province through the Mongolian People’s Party, the General Election Committee (GEC) conducted activities to hold a special election in Khentii Province this month under the Law on Elections, and Parliament agreed to hold the special election on October 7, through its Resolution No. 62.

Following the parliament­ary decision, three individual­s filed a complaint about the resolution to the Constituti­onal Court as they believe that the resolution violates the Constituti­on. In response to their complaint, the court ruled that Resolution No. 62 violated several sections of the Constituti­on.

On October 11, Parliament reviewed the court’s decision, and the majority of lawmakers in attendance voted against the Constituti­onal Court’s ruling, which is why the court needs to review soon the parliament­ary rejection to come up with a final decision.

A number of lawmakers underlined that within this fall session, Parliament should amend the current law on elections, and separate this law into different laws for the legislatur­e, president, and local councils.

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