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Energy sector almost fully prepared for winter


The Ministry of Energy reported that 94 percent of 1,938 operations planned to prepare the sector for winter have been completed.

Coal suppliers Baganuur, Shivee-Ovoo and Shariin Gol companies have reportedly produced 76 percent of coal needed for the upcoming winter. Government reports stated that 154,000 consumers living in ger areas will receive nighttime electricit­y tariff discounts.

The ministry has taken down 68 steam stoves used for city central heating system and is running a project to connect 139 buildings to the system.

The energy sector is planning to assist air pollution reduction efforts by connecting 52 low-pressure stoves in Maakhuur Tolgoi area and Ikh Zasag to Amgalan Thermal Power Plant and 83 more stove to the central heating system. The low-pressure stoves to be connected to the central heating system are currently used to heat the Military Unit No. 0151 in Songinokha­irkhan District, and schools No. 60 and No. 118 in Khan-Uul District.

Following last month’s brief power cut, the Thermal Power Plant No. 4 is checking on every parts of the plant to make sure another power cut doesn’t occur again. The recent power cut shut down all power in Ulaanbaata­r for several hours due to faults in two generators at Thermal Power Plant No. 4.

Representa­tives from the power plant shared plans to renew generators after winter peak period is over. He assured that the staff at the plant are doing everything they can to not repeat the previous technical problem.

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