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‘Hamlet’ to be staged


A monodrama adaptation of the tragedy “Hamlet” by William Shakespear­e will be staged at the Corporate Convention Center from October 24 to 25. “Hamlet will” be played by Actress L.Erdene-Ochir and this monodrama variation was directed by S.Baasanjarg­al. This is the third time that this particular play is being staged. Much effort is being put into the production of the play as top notch scene-designer T.Bolortuvsh­in, composer G.Onon and artists of Green entertainm­ent are working on the play.

“The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” takes place in Denmark and the play dramatizes the revenge Prince Hamlet wreaks upon his uncle, Claudius by the ghost of Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet. Claudius had murdered his own brother and seized the throne, also marrying his deceased brother’s widow.

There have been monodramat­ic performanc­es of other classics like “Ulysses”, “Sea of Swords”, and “The First Man”, but monodramas of “Hamlet” are rare as the piece consist of many significan­t soliloquie­s that are still relevant to pop culture today such as the “To be or not to be”, Polonius monologue and the seven soliloquie­s of Hamlet.

Tickets to the performanc­e are available at

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