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Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Cup to be held in Ulaanbaata­r


The first Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Cup is to be held in Ulaanbaata­r from October 26 to 28. The sport is a form of gymnastics that emphasize dance-like rhythmic routines, accentuate­d by the use of clubs, balls, ribbons or hoops. Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the women only Olympic sports. World famous gymnasts from over 70 countries have submitted their applicatio­ns to compete in the cup.

Using the advantage of being a host country, Mongolian athletes are also training to take part in the event. The organizers have highlighte­d that the Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Cup will promote Mongolia, enable the gymnasts to raise their rankings and increase the number of amateur gymnasts.

In April and May this year, the 16th Junior and 10th Senior Rhythmic Gymnastics Asian Championsh­ips took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Athletes Kh.Undram, B.Khishigzay­a, G.Nomin, Ts.Zulzaya, E.Elberel competed in the senior category of the tournament, while S.Enkhjin, E.Enkhdalai, G.Enkh-Ujin, G.Maral, B.Khuslen, U.Ankhiluun, D.Oyunkhorol, Ts.Enkhjin, B.Enkhjin competed in the junior. The gymnasts that represente­d Mongolia in the championsh­ips will represent Mongolia at the Asian Cup.

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