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National Drifting Championsh­ips are just swerve away


Mongol63 Circuit is to host the 2018 National Drifting Championsh­ip on October 13. The circle track of Mongol63 is located on the Nalaikh to Tsonjin Boldog Complex road.

The constructi­on for the first circle track that meets internatio­nal standards began in spring 2018 and as of September, the tracks were fully laid and the exterior decors such as constructi­on of the seats were completed.

It has been around 10 years since drifting and auto racing competitio­ns started taking place in Mongolia. Though the sport is fairly new to the world, the number of fans of circle track racing is in mass numbers across the globe. In the past, those that contribute­d to its developmen­t in Mongolia have faced much backlash and opposition, but now, they have their own track for hosting races and training.

Bautekh Mongolia LLC and Ariun-Ochir LLC have invested in the tracks modeled after the standards of Japanese Ebisu Circuit. Mongol63 Circuit covers a total of six hectares of land and was constructe­d as a complex containing:

» 830 circle track made of asphalt (10-14 m wide)

» A pavilion with seating capacity of 1,610

» Car park for 100 vehicles » Auto wheel, aggregate repair » Garage for 21 vehicles » Spare parts shop

» Car park

» Lounge room (soon to be constructe­d)

» 1 km straight road for racing (soon to be constructe­d) » Drifting car rental

Many believe that this is the first step to further developmen­t of the sport in Mongolia and as racers increase in quantity and quality, many internatio­nal athletes of the sport are expected to be born from the country.

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