Cheese­mak­ers ready for ex­por­ta­tion

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The Mon­go­lian Ar­ti­san Cheese­mak­ers’ Union says it is ready to ex­port lo­cally made cheese, and pro­mote do­mes­tic pro­duc­tion.

The union opened a cheese fac­tory a year ago in Khan-Uul District, Ulaan­baatar with the sup­port from the district’s au­thor­ity. Ob­serv­ing sta­ble op­er­a­tions and see­ing room for growth in the last 12 months, the union plans to build a hun­dred cheese fac­to­ries across Mon­go­lia in the com­ing years in an ef­fort to in­crease ex­port vol­ume, pro­mote dairy pro­duc­tion, in­crease in­come of herd­ing fam­i­lies, and sup­port the liveli­hood of herder.

The union has al­ready put the plan to mo­tion. It hired four peo­ple from Zavkhan and Um­nu­govi prov­inces at the fac­tory to pro­vide them the skills and knowl­edge they need to run a cheese fac­tory.

In terms of sup­port­ing herders, a fac­tory em­ployee stressed that a herder fam­ily can earn up to 8,100 USD a year through reg­u­lar sup­ply of milk re­quired to pro­duce cheese. The cheese fac­tory meets re­lated in­ter­na­tional stan­dards and a spe­cial­ist said that the fac­tory wel­comes any herder in­ter­ested in learn­ing how to make cheese and run­ning a cheese fac­tory on their own after train­ing.

The Mon­go­lian Ar­ti­san Cheese­mak­ers’ Union and Khan-Uul District Mayor’s Of­fice promised to con­tinue to sup­port fac­tory op­er­a­tions while ex­pand­ing their co­op­er­a­tion.

...Union plans to build a hun­dred cheese fac­to­ries across Mon­go­lia...

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